We all know that the Great British Summertime is a very unpredictable beast. The hot weather can appear at any given time, without warning, and last for anything between 5 minutes and 5 weeks. Although the latter may be a little optimistic!

Your garden is the last thing on your mind when the rain is falling, we understand this. But why not make the most of the next sunny period by getting your tired fencing replaced now rather than thinking about it when the sun begins to shine? It’s amazing what a difference can be made by simply replacing your old, dilapidated fence panels with any of the top quality products from our large range of Garden Fence Panels, Designer Fence Panels or Picket Fencing. Doing this now means your garden will be looking its best for you to enjoy without having to worry about missing the next window of opportunity for those evening or weekend barbeque frenzy’s or simply spending a little bit of time relaxing in your tranquil garden environment.

We can simply deliver your panels or send one of our experienced fencing fitting teams to fit the panels on your behalf. Don’t forget we also carry out fitting jobs that will include new posts etc. so if you’re looking for complete replacement of your existing fencing we can do that for you too. Our fitters don’t mind a bit of rain either so don’t put it off until the sun shines, you may regret not having the work done when the next sunny spell passes you by.