Trade Discounts

If you are a fencing contractor, stockist, landscaper, or operate as a tradesperson in the building industry who will be looking to make regular purchases then Stockport Fencing Ltd offer an attractive discount to help you to supply your customers with the best quality products at the most competitive prices.

If you register as a trade customer at and receive notification that your online trade account has been activated you will receive an automatic 15% discount off every product throughout the online shop, no matter how big or small the order. This discount will be applied on top of any product offers that are currently in place. Please note you do not need to register online unless you wish to use our online shop for purchases of for pricing purposes. Trade customers who buy in person or over the phone will automatically be given the trade price (as long as they make us aware it is a trade enquiry).

How to Register

To sign up simply register your details, you will be asked to provide an e-mail address and will be sent a link to change your password. Once you have done this it will take you to your account homepage. Click on the link on the account page that allows you to update your billing address, complete this section in full, filling in all the details including the company box with your full company trading name and registered address, (please do not abbreviate as this may make it difficult to confirm the trade details). If you are a limited company please ensure the address entered for registration purposes matches the address registered at companies house.

Once this step has been completed please contact us on 0161 477 0010 or via e-mail at informing us of your application and your intention to set up a trade account online. We will then take you through the final steps to set up your online trade account.

Other Benefits
All our trade customers appreciate the benefits offered by using the best quality materials available for their fencing installations. Using the best quality products available at Stockport Fencing Ltd will;
– Mean that you spend less time returning to jobs to rectify issues caused by poor quality products.
– Mean that you save time by sourcing your products from a single supplier, many available from stock at all times.
– Allow you to offer more choice for your customer from our extensive range of products.
– Enhance your own reputation for quality and allow you to deliver the service that will stand you apart from the competition and afford you the best form of advertising……. ‘Word of mouth’.

Although this website contains a large number of products it is predominately geared towards domestic customers so if there is something that you need but don’t see anywhere on this site then please do not hesitate to contact us, we will do our utmost to help with your requirements.

Opening an online trade account simply allows you to buy online from this online shop where purchases are made and payments are taken at the time of order, It does not automatically entitle you to a credit account in store. This is dealt with by a separate application involving more thorough checks (including credit checks) and can only be applied for after a minimum of 6 months continuous trading with us.