Gate Gallery

All joinery made, timber tongue and groove gates in this section are pictures of entrance gates manufactured and Installed by Stockport Fencing Ltd. The  pictures show some of the designs available. Although many of the tongue and groove gate designs look similar in appearance there are subtle differences in the design. In other words this allows you to create your own bespoke tongue and groove gate. All our tongue and groove gates are handmade from the finest raw materials using traditional joinery techniques. Therefore creating a distinctly beautiful product to enhance the appearance of any property. In addition we generally manufacture tongue and groove gates using one of three timbers.

1.) Scandinavian Redwood

5th grade Scandinavian redwood is the standard grade for redwood joinery and forms the majority of our timber gates. We also offer unsorted redwood which is the better grade of redwood left in the stack once the lower 6th and 5th grades have been sorted into separate stacks. Unsorted Redwood has fewer knots than its 5th and 6th grade siblings.

2.) Western Red Cedar

The creme de la creme of gate joinery is light, yet inherently long lasting. It is slow grown, naturally durable and can produce long lengths of clear timber with true straight grain. Western Red Cedar is the perfect material for exterior gate applications and the variation in colours from one length to the next produces a truly individual finished product.

3.) Idigbo (Hardwood)

A plain, pale yellow to light brown coloured hardwood with little distortion and splitting. A strong hardwood with a lovely grain gives this timber a naturally beautiful appearance.

If you don’t see a gate you like in the gallery we can also make gates to match designs you may have in mind or have seen elsewhere. Just show us a picture and we will create the perfect gate for your requirements.