Timber Posts

Timber fencing posts cover a multitude of uses and are preferred by some to their concrete counterparts for aesthetic reasons. They can be used in post and panel applications by screwing or nailing panels and gravel boards (if required) direct to the post or alternatively by using ‘U’ shaped brackets to form a slot on the post.

They are commonly used for Picket Fencing by either face fixing the rails of the panels to the post or by inserting the rails into pre-mortised posts. If you are unsure of the most suitable method of fixing picket fencing then please contact us to discuss.

All timber posts are pressure treated with preservative in accordance with the penetration and retention guidance given in BS EN 351-1, to give a desired service life in the selected Use Class defined in BS EN 335-1. Having said this it is commonly accepted that the service life of a timber post will be considerably shorter than a Concrete or Litecrete alternative so please do bear this in mind when making your decision.

Timber posts are more DIY friendly than concrete posts not only due to their weight but also due to the fixing options provided by drive in and bolt down post supports.

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