Free installation of Hedgehog Friendly base panels ordered between 30th April and 6th May

Hedgehog Awareness Week

Annual Hedgehog Awareness Week will take place between 30th April and 7th May this year. Organised by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, it aims to highlight the problems faced by our nation’s hedgehogs, and how we can all work together to help these endearing little creatures overcome them.

A prickly problem

Hedgehog numbers have plummeted in recent years, so much so that the species is now considered to be endangered. There are a wide range of reasons for this, and you can learn more about them by visiting The British Hedgehog Preservation Society and Hedgehog Street websites.

Here at Stockport Fencing Ltd, we’ve committed to helping save the UK’s favourite prickly mammal by manufacturing hedgehog-friendly concrete base panels that can be placed into both existing and brand-new fencing installations. Designing and manufacturing these panels is one thing, but to achieve positive results, we need thoughtful property owners to actually get them fitted.

The right to roam

Did you know that Hedgehogs can travel around a mile every night searching for food and a potential mate? If gardens are fully enclosed with fencing fitted to ground level on all boundaries, hedgehogs cannot move freely, limiting their opportunities. Creating a hedgehog highway is a simple way to ensure hedgehogs can roam between garden spaces, and is one small step you can take to help save the hedgehog.

Do your bit. Take some time to have a look around your garden and see if there are places where hedgehogs can pass between your property and your neighbours’ on all boundaries. If there are, that’s great. If not, think about how you could create some. If you have traditional fencing fitted on concrete posts and base panels at ground level, why not solve the problem by taking advantage of our fantastic offer?

Let’s work together

Stockport Fencing Ltd will provide free installation of our hedgehog base panels if you order them online or in store during Hedgehog Awareness Week (normal delivery charges apply). If you’re buying online, simply order your hedgehog base panel (or panels if you want more than one) and choose the delivery option. We will then contact you to arrange a time for one of our installation teams to visit.

As we are providing this as a free service, please try to be as flexible as possible with us for installation. We will attempt to find a mutually convenient time, but will need to arrange installations around other work in your locality. If you would prefer to order over the phone, please contact us on 0161 477 0010.

Not sure? Just ask!

Hedgehog base panels can be installed into any fence where an existing concrete base panel is in place and the panel above can be slotted up and out of the posts without being impeded by overhanging obstructions.  We cannot install hedgehog base panels where the existing base panels are buried (or partially buried), as the hedgehog access hole would also be buried and therefore ineffective.

If you aren’t sure whether a hedgehog base panel could be installed in your fence, please just call us to discuss on 0161 477 0010.

Don’t stop there

Click on the links above and you’ll find there are many other ways we can help hedgehogs make a comeback. Simple things like providing food and water or a hedgehog home can make a big difference. It’s also important to avoid using pesticides and slug pellets, and to thoroughly check for any spikey visitors before strimming tall weeds, mowing lawns or lighting bonfires – you never know where they may be sleeping throughout the day!

Want to know more about how people are helping nature (including hedgehogs!) in Stockport? Join the ‘Rewilding Stockport’ Facebook group here:

With your help we can really make a difference.