Chestnut Paling

Cleft Chestnut Pale fencing is a traditional product that is favoured in many rural areas due to its natural appearance and ease of installation. Chestnut paling is made in the UK from chestnut poles that are cleaved by hand into pales and wired together as vertical pales into continuous lengths.

Chestnut paling is supplied in various heights in 9 metre lengths and has 2 supporting wires as standard. Installation is normally carried out by driving pointed stakes into the ground and simply fastening the horizontal wires to the posts using galvanised staples. This adds to the appeal as it allows installation by anybody with basic DIY skills, a sledgehammer and hammer.

This natural looking product is very versatile and looks at home in everything but the most modern of settings. The fact that it can be taken down and then re-used with the minimum of fuss adds to its versatility.

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