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6' x 6" Concrete Base Panel/ Gravel Board

£12.14 inc. VAT

6 foot (1825mm) long x 6 inch (150mm) high steel reinforced concrete base panel with a smooth face to be fitted under fencing panels. Base panels are used predominantly when installing between concrete posts. They lift the wooden panel off the floor to reduce water contact and increase the lifespan of the panel, reducing rotting.

6 inch base panels are cast as a pair with a thin join down the centre (like a Kit Kat). If multiples are ordered they will be supplied in their pairs as they have more strength like this for transportation. To split them they need to be lay on a flat surface and separated by inserting a bolster chisel (or similar) into the join and tapping lightly with a hammer. This will leave a rough edge where the concrete separates. Usually this edge will be sat on the floor which leaves the smoother cast edge visible at the top. If you intend to raise the height of your fence using a 6 inch base panel and will be sitting it on top of an existing concrete base panel then you may need to clean the rough edge up using a grinder, disk cutter or Stihl Saw. If you are fitting a new fence where you intend on using 6 inch and 12 inch base panels then the 6 inch panel should be at ground level (rough face down) with the 12 inch sat on top.