Gatemate Premium Long Throw Key Lock (50mm)

Gatemate Premium Long Throw Key Lock (50mm)

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Gatemate Premium Long Throw Key Lock (50mm)

A Gatemate premium long throw key lock is the perfect solution when key locking is required from both sides of your gate. With a 65mm throw on the marine grade stainless steel locking bolt that can protrude from either side at the turn of the key these Gatemate premium long throw gate locks provide unrivalled flexibility when installing on to your gate. The 90mm back plates fit perfectly on the standard 100 x 50mm PAR framing of our T&G Suffolk Gates without the need for additional blocks to be fitted to mount the lock on and where this is not available the majority of our gates can be modified to take one of these locks. Available with a 50mm (2″) or 70mm (2 3/4″) barrel length and featuring exactly the same specifications the only difference is the thickness of door or gate that they fit to.

5 Keys are supplied with every Gatemate long throw gate lock and best of all it is key lockable from both sides.

Also available (to order) is a keyed alike option where one key will open two (or more) of the locks.

Each long throw lock comes with the following –

  • 5 Keys
  • Brass Escutcheon plate (with brass screws)
  • Stainless steel screws (for attaching the body of the lock)
  • Full fitting instructions