4’6″ Litecrete End Post

£23.40 inc. VAT

1400mm (4’6″)


For fences with an overall height (including base panel) of 900mm (3′)

Steel reinforced Litecrete_ slotted end post, (smooth finish), for use with concrete/ timber panel fencing. Note: – These posts are cast with a pyramid top on one end and a bobble top on the other and as such will match the majority of modern fencing posts. Approximately 50% lighter than traditional dense concrete!

1400mm (4’6″) posts are generally used for fencing with an overall height of 900mm (3′). This overall height would include the base panel/gravel board (i.e. 600mm (2′) timber panel + 300mm (1′) base panel. 

Additional information

Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 1830 × 600 × 100 mm


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