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H Section Timber Infill For Concrete Post (3')

£8.90 inc. VAT

Product Code T103 Category Size

These timber infills are suitable for Pyramid and Bobble Top Concrete Posts where the centre measurement (across the slot) is a minumum of 45mm (1 3/4?). They are not designed for use on older/ industrial councrete posts with a rounded top.

Why Use Timber Infills?
When replacing existing timber fencing panels with higher panels you will invariably be left with a gap in between the panels where they protrude above the posts. Use a H section timber infill slotted in between the panels to add that finishing touch. Infills have bevelled edges around the outside and can be combined with a post cap if required, the best part is that they simply slot over the panels so no DIY skills are required to fit. They can be nailed or screwed into place through the side of the panel for added stability if required.

Many people ask the question whether it is possible to extend the concrete post in order to add fencing or trellis to the top of their existing fencing panels. There are currently no products on the market that allow this and so the only way to achieve this is to replace the existing panels with panels that are larger in height and include a built in trellis if required. Timber infills for concrete posts will only fill the gaps in between panels that have been installed into the existing posts but are taller than the initial panels that the posts were intended for.