Fence Panels

Stockport Fencing Ltd has been manufacturing fence panels for over 30 years. Throughout this time we have built up a reputation for manufacturing some of the best quality fence panels on the market. If you are looking for low cost, poor quality fencing panels that will fall apart the first time the wind blows or the first time that yours or your neighbours children smash their football into them, then it is likely that you will not find what you are looking for within these pages. However, if you are looking for sturdy fencing panels that will stand the test of time then we are confident that we will have exactly what you need.

We source only the finest quality timber to be used in the manufacturing of all our fence panels and the results speak for themselves. Where possible and practical we use timber that has been pressure treated with preservative in accordance with the penetration and retention guidance given in BS EN 351-1, to give a desired service life in the selected Use Class defined in BS EN 335-1. This ensures that our fencing panels will remain in place for many, many years and is why so many people walk back through the doors 15 – 20 years later to replace what they have previously bought from us.

We are confident that our wide selection of fence panels, all manufactured right here in our Stockport factory to the highest possible standards, will provide a fencing panel that will further enhance the appearance of your property. Stockport Fencing Ltd manufacture the vast majority of our standard fencing panels in arched top (bow top), scalloped top and contoured top variations. Along side this we also manufacture a number of variations in design and styles that offer one of the widest ranges of fencing panels available in the UK